gThis 1 year is the immediate year after collage graduations. We see lots of friends shining great in their careers soon after college.  Funny? yup a little. After college, few move to Higher studies, few to job they got from campus recruitment,few in pre government sector preparations, few for classes that will lead them a better way later… …..And a few to takeover and run dad’s million dollar business, and some even start up a  “so called million dollar business” lol

But some fall into wrong hands.. Get misguided and so what do they end up with? You really wanna know that?  CLICK HERE ;(

This is how the start thinking how blunder they have wasted time. SO here is a story of Chakku.. 

With a big and heavy inspiration and lots of self motivation, Chakku start sitting in front of a PC searching for current walk-ins. AAhaaa.. finaly he saw a mail in the inbox telling..

Fuel Your Success With Rich Industry Knowledge
//HAHA after engineering.. industry knowledge.. yae.. am thinking on it.. lol

Dear Candidate,
Greetings from **************  ORG.!!
Your resume has been shortlisted for the position of TRAINEE MANAGER.

We are pleased to confirm your appointment for a personal interview with our Managing Director for immediate openings as per the following details:

COMPANY PROFILE:  bla bla bla..all highly rich sentences that makes you feel really proud that you are lucky in getting a call from here. 

For further details:
VISIT : WWW.website.com // you start dreaming as if you have really put your hard work in applying for the company // ROFL!!

SALARY : UPTO 40k per month // yes you totally go crazy as if you are worth of such pay.

Every time people forget to see that 1 important word. “UPTO” before the number mentioned. and thats the reason for the crazyness.

 So Chakku applied for it, prepare for the entire night missing his sleep and some interesting pawn videos.. The next day he goes,  sit for few rounds that seems to be professionally competitive, without understanding that it was just for a formality. 

Finally on the first day, he  listen to this.. 


Chakku goes hoping for that 1 call as if he have done some thing really hard to crack those silly “so called preliminary rounds” . funny thing is he call up his friends to inform them so proudly that he have attended an interview which he did not even bother of telling before attending. 

ya ya .. am coming for the interesting part…


OMG.. look at tha smile on CHAKKU’s face..
never in a lifetime since schooling..  🙂 

kay the next day.. he sees only 10% or 20% of the crowd that he saw the previous rounds. Finally seeing a practical evaluation round.  The next day chakku is invited for the FIRST DAY JOINING AT THE company where he had some fun , got his offer and then he leaves. 😀

what he thought and what i was about to tell are different. haha..

WHAT Chakku THOUGHT-  great.. i am 1 among this small list getting selected.

there is another case..  many come to know about some traps and unusual things happening around.

first day, Chakku saw see all fresh faces. and get highly motivated.

CALL up as many people and inform that he have got a job for 40k in a branding and advertising concern. Some of them get surprised, some feels happy for it, some fees jealous and some gets shocked as if he have gone mad. He starts working with a big proud. Get motivated with morning sessions and hi5 soeaches from somebody in the company. Then starts a field work. Chakku becomes bold, confident, brave, smart, thrilled, challenging, futuristic etc etc but never lazy. He works hard. goes late to home. Never say what kind of job he does, simply make every 1 feel as if he do something too much technical that nobody can do it at his age. 😉 those expectations. and yes a month gets over, family expects some salary. Chakku says  “mom, i dint do well will get it double next month”. He gets mesmerised in such a way he support the company Sometimes (it clicks, some times it does not. But what people tell is, either you are a great performer or talented learner spending time in planing the business..) the next month comes, or most of the times it keep on getting postponed.   Finally at 1 point of time, Chakku find this was not the job he was looking for. He comes to know its 100% direct marketing stuffs.. Finally he understand the meaning of UPTO 40k. Then somehow quit from the concern since he was not the right person for that job.. By that time, in the world Chakku came from, entire recruitments in important companies that are related to  what he studied gets closed. So apply during off season which is of no use.

And yes there all too many Chakkus who gets into a concern without checking what the job is all about, but simply get influenced by the words in the mail and the pay.

You can expect some one to fetch you a job that is really worth of what you deserve with the knowledge you have got. Wishing for a big pay, falling into a place, getting stuck will waste your life. This is not about blaming any company. because their business strategies are legal. But it does not suit every 1. Still they do very good hit and trial methodologies to find the candidates who can make a win win situation where either sides can earn more.

Watch out for the next post related in what to be researched when you plan to attend an interview call from a company that you did not apply for!! ..

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